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My Favorite Things

Unité de publications improvisées

1ère édition - 2019

Last year, the FILAF artbook fair was renewe and got out its old fair format to propose a community around publishing.
This year, the curator Laura Morsch-Kihn proposes My Favorite Things, unité de publications improvisées (unity of improvised publications),

a space of production, consultation and appropriation dedicated to publishing as a form of inter-action. Thought as a contextual project, this unity of improvised publication is in the same time the visible deployment of the act of publishing as the FILAF festival is the material to be published.

Improvised meetings between artists, publishers and the festival will take the shape of DIY publications produced with the help of a photocopy machine.

With Force de vente, ExposerPublier, Antoine Lefebvre editions and Surface Utile.

The Torcatis bookshop will propose, a book selection in link with the festival official selection, and the FILAF's bookstore will relay the vitality of the publishing world. 


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