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5th edition - 2015

International Art Book and Film Festival


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© Photographie Arnaud Pyvka

    Design Folch Studio

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L'Industrie d'art romaine.jpg
Sobre la Marxa.jpg

Prize list books

African modernism The Architecture

of Independence. Ghana, Senegal,

Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Zambia, 

by Manuel Herz, Ingrid Schröder, et alli.,

Park Books, Switzerland, 2015

Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires & Riots:

California & Graphic Design, 1936-1986

by Louise Sandhaus, Metropolis Books, United States, 2015





L'Industrie d'art romaine tardive 

by Alois Riegl, Christopher S. Wood,

Emmanuel Alloa, Macula, France, 2014



Le Grand Bain 

by Sharna Jackson et James Lambert, Tate Modern /

Palette éditions, England/ France, 2015



Prize list films



Paul Sharits

(Canada) by François Miron 85’, 2015.

Prod : Filmgrafix Production


(Allemagne) by Marco Wilms 90’, 2014. Prod :

Heldenfilm / ZDF / Arte / MFG

Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg





Sobre la marxa (Espagne)

by Jordi Morató 77’, 2014.

Prod : La Termita Films / Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Honour Prizes

Sophie Calle   /   Alain Fleischer   /   Agnès Varda

Le grand bain.jpg
Art war.jpg
Serra - 15.jpg
Albert Serra
President of the Jury

Iconoclast cineast celebrated by retrospectives at Pompidou Center and at the Tate Modern, he is revealed at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at Cannes in 2006 for his movie Honor de Cavalleria, radical version of the Don Quichotte by Cervantès. Since, he has been developing a cinematic form mixing meditation, humour and scholarly references. He represents Catalonia at the Biennale of Venice 2015.

Guests of Honour
AP-JUIN-PERPIGNAN-2015 97.jpeg
Sophie Calle

This french artist is one of the most important artists of the international contemporary scene.

With Sébastien Planas, FILAF President

© Arnaud Pyvka

Pouyandeh- 3.jpg
Nazanin Pouyandeh

Iranian artist living in France, she mixes in her paintings an allegorical and sensual universe with subtle literary and scholarly references. She has been exposed in several countries, and widely noticed at the salon du dessin Drawing Now Paris in 2015.

Alain Fleischer
Alain Fleischer

Writer, theorist, and also photograph, this artist is also the author of a large scale cinematographic work about art. He is known to be a multidisciplinary artist and approaches several subjects such as personality, mixing literary fiction, photography, and movies in a plastic protean work. 

© Arnaud Pyvka

Bellanger - 9.jpg
Aurélien Bellanger

French novelist, winner of the Prix de Flore in 2014, he has been especially noticed for La théorie de l'information in 2012 et L''emménagement du territoire in 2014. He produces in his book an acerb and poetic study of the french society of the last thirty years. Minitel, TGV, or Houellebecq are revisited to the prism of quantum physics or of the more experimental geography.

Agnès Varda
Agnès Varda

French photograph, cineast and plastic artist, she is one of the few female directors of the Nouvelle Vague. The whole of her cinematographic work has been awarded by a César d'honneur in 2001, by the prix René-Claire de l'Académie française in 2002 and by a Palme d'honneur of the Festival de Cannes in 2015.

Tronche- 13.jpg
Anne Tronche

Anne Tronche is a French contemporary art critic, during several years, she has been an inspector of the artistic creation at the Ministry of Culture (1982-1999). In 2013, she won the Golden FILAF for her book L'art des années soixante, chroniques d'une scène parisienne (Hazan, 2012).

Philippe Djian
Philippe Djian

Passionate about art, he has been commissioner of the exposition Voyages this winter at the Musée du Louvre which highlights his exhibitions,. A journey through the collections of the biggest museum of the world covering subjects from antic Egypt to contemporary art, to the eponym catalog, Philippe Dijan came to speak at the FILAF festival.

With Sébastien Planas, FILAF President

© Arnaud Pyvka

Paini - 8.jpg
Dominique Païni

Art and cinema historian, he has been the director of the French Cinematheque and of the cultural development at Pompidou Center. Author of numerous books about contemporary art and cinema, he is currently the curator of the exhibition Antonioni at the cinematheque. 

He has been the director and founder of audiovisual and cinematographic productions at the Musée du Louvre until 1991 for which he has produced more than forty hours of programs. 

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