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10th edition - 2020

International Art Book and Film Festival



Download the program here.

© Arnaud Pyvka et Groupe ccc

Happy 10th anniversary FILAF!

Guests of Honour
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Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Jean-Philippe Toussaint is a multidisciplinary and prolific artist, he is as much interested in the book form than films, but he also develops his work of creation through spectacles and exhibitions that he built himself. For this tenth edition of the FILAF festival, he is the Guest of Honour.

Bêka & Lemoine

In 2018, Bêka & Lemoine received the FILAF of Gold for their film Moriyama-San. This year, they are coming back to the festival. This time, however, as guests of honour. Their film work focuses on the relationship between human beings and design and tends to experiment with new cinematographic forms in relation to architectural and urban spaces.

Joan Fontcuberta

Artist, art critic, art curator and teacher, Joan Fontcuberta is this year welcomed by the FILAF festival as a guest of honour. His career, often rewarded by several prizes show an intense reflexion around the photographic object and more globally, a strong sensibility to the question of the real and the technological image.


Phoenix is a French electronic, pop rock music band from Versailles. The group is composed of Thomas Mars, Deck D'Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai. It is one of the French rock band the most distinguished at an international level. The members of the group will be guests of honour at the tenth edition of the FILAF festival and will present their first book Liberté, Égalité, Phoenix! published to celebrate their twenty-years long career. 

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Olivier Assayas

Il débute comme critique aux Cahiers du cinéma. Il est alors l’un des premiers cinéphiles européens à porter son attention sur la nouvelle vague du cinéma asiatique. Il élargira l’horizon du cinéma d’auteur à la française en se lançant dans des projets ambitieux et éclectiques.




from Tuesday 26th of October to the 1st of November

Gallery of FILAF, Perpignan

During the week of the festival, the gallery of the FILAF welcomes into its walls the painter Till Rabus. His work lay on the tension between the mastering of an oil technic or rigorously classic watercolour, and modern subjects out of the daily life, sometimes touching or trivial but that all lead to questioning our contemporary world.

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FILAF 2020 Book Jury
Cécile Debray
President of the Jury

She is director of the eponymous gallery she founded in the Marais in Paris, after a double formation in Art History and Literature, as well as several experiences in the art market, in auction houses and galleries. She represents French and international contemporary artists, emerging and confirmed. She organizes personal or collective exhibitions in partnership with exhibitions curators, philosophers, writers who are which are regularly accompanied by catalogs. She is also a member of the Paris Gallery Weekend office and of the CPGA council of direction

Frank Perrin.jpg
Frank Perrin

Based in Paris, Frank Perrin is a philosopher, critic, review and magazines creator, photographer of post-capitalism. Through his works, he explores postcapitalism This notion creates a faithful catalogue of our contemporary obsessions. In his photographs, he mixes and criticizes the founding ideas of our area, as well as a seducing aesthetic. He puts in perspective beauty and vanity. Frank Perrin inspires through the landscapes of fiction.

bertrand belin.jpg
Bertrand Belin

Writer, singer and musician, he realized six albums: Bertrand Belin (2005), La Perdue (2007), Hypernuit (2010), Parcs (2013), Cap Waller (2015), Persona (2019). He is the author of three novels that were published at P.O.L editions: Requin (2015), Littoral (2016) and more recently Grands Carnivores (2019).  He also composed the music of the film Ma vie avec James Dean (2017), in which he also has a role. 

FILAF 2020 Film Jury
Neil Beloufa
President of the film jury

Neïl Beloufa is a franco-Algerian artist that works and lives in Paris. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts and to the National School of Decorative Art in Paris, as well as in the United States. He was awarded the Meurice Prize for his contemporary art in 2013, the Audi Talent Awards Prize in 2011, and the Agnès B. Studio Collector Prize in 2011. His work was the subject of several monographic exhibitions in France and around the world and is present in numerous prestigious collections such as the National Museum of Modern Art, Center Pompidou, MoMA of New York, and the Sammlung Goetz collection.

Lucie Rico.jpg
Lucie Rico

Born in Perpignan, she worked in publishing houses and new media from 2011 to 2015 before dedicating herself to literary and scenario writings. Director, scriptwriter, and novelist, Lucie Rico is inspired by writing. In 2020, she published her first novel Le chant du poulet sous vide, published by P.O.L publishing houses. She realized several documentaries in Argentina and Tawain, but also two works of fiction, The Big Shake and Plein Noir. She is currently writing her second novel GPS, preparing her third film of fiction, Crocodile, as well as a mini-series, Kraken, that focuses on the daily anguish.

Léopold Rabus

Léopold Rabus is a swiss painter that was born in an artist environment. His works are at the same time surrealist and parodic and are influenced by his surrounding environment, and the rural daily life which give his works a powerful scenography. It permits the public to interfere with the landscapes in which he perfectly mixes emotions and humor.

Awarded books - FILAF 2020
0001 3.jpg
Alternative Histories
by Marius Grootveld, Jantje Engels, Guus Kaandorp, Thomas Adank, Mathias Clottu
ed. Drawing Matter, 2019
alternative histories.jpg

Named as the best book of the Architecture category

Elizabeth Peyton : Aire and Angels
by Elizabeth Peyton in design collaboration with Jules Esteves with lead essay by Lucy Dahlsen, ed. National Portrait Gallery, London, 2019

Named as the best book of the Contemporary category

0001 3.jpg
0001 3.jpg
Journal d’un maître d’école. Le film, un livre
by Vittorio de Seta, Federico Rossin,
ed. Arachnéen, 2019
Nathalie Parain
by Michèle Cochet, Michel Defourny and
Claude-Anne Parmegiani
ed. MéMO, 2019

Named as the best book of the Cinema category

Named as the best book of the Youth category

Black in Rembrandt's time
by Elmer Kolfin and Epco Runia
éd. W BOOKS, 2020
Striking Iron : The Art of African Blacksmiths
Collectif of 18 authors, ed. Fowler Museum at
UCLA, Los Angeles, 2020
black in rembrandt's time.jpg
Striking Iron.jpg

Named as the best book of the Fine arts category

Named as the best book of the Primitive arts category

Object of desire - surrealism and design : 1924 - today
by Mateo Kries, ed. Vitra Design Museum,
Objects of desire.jpg

Named as the best book of the Modern art category

Jim Marshall : show me the picture - images and stories from a photography legend
by Amelia Davis, ed. Chronicle Books, 2019
Jim Marshall.jpg

Named as the best book of the Music category

Awarded films - FILAF 2020
0001 3.jpg
Être Jérôme Bel
by Sima Khatami & Aldo Lee
2019, 79’
0001 3.jpg
Palimpsest of the Africa museum
by Matthias De Groof
2019, 69’
0001 3.jpg
The Proposal
by Jill Magid
2019, 83’
Book, paper, scissors
by Hirose Nakano
2019, 94’
Special Jury Prizes

Bêka & Lemoine         Joan Fontcuberta   -     Jean-Philippe Toussaint  

Special Jury Prizes
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