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FILAF 2020

Discussion about the exposition of Till Rabus with Lucie Rico

Natures Mortes Acrobatiques

Discussion between Bertrand Belin and Léopold Rabus


Discussion between Lucie Rico and Till Rabus

Le chant du poulet sous vide

Discussion around the exposition


Halina Dyrschka - Film Out of the Competition 

Beyond the visible: Hilma af Klint

Do Ho Suh - Film Competition

Home Away from home

Nicole Fernandez-Ferrer - Film Competition

Calamity Jane & Delphine Seyrig, A Story

Andrey A. Tarkovsky - Film Competition

Andrey Tarkovsky, A Cinema Prayer

Matthias De Groof, Mona Mpembele - Silver Filaf

Palimpsest of the Africa Museum

Elizabeth Peyton, Jules Estèves, Lucy Dahlsen, Nicholas Cullinan - Best Book in Contemporary Art Category 

Elizabeth Peyton, Aire and Angels

Amelia Davis - Best Book, category music

Jim Marshall: show me the picture

Elmer Kolfin - Best book, category Fine Art

Black in Rembrandt's time

Tanja Cunz - Meilleure livre catégorie Art Moderne

Object of Desire: 1924 to today

Marla Berns - Meilleur livre catégorie Arts Premiers

Striking Iron: the art of African Blacksmiths

Michèle Cochet, Michel Defourny - Special Prize of the jury

Nathalie Parain

Marius Grootveld - Golden Filaf

Alternative Histories

Discussion between Phoenix and Matthieu Conquet

Phoenix : Liberté, Égalité, Phoenix !

Anaïs Masson - Silver Filaf

Journal d'un maître d'école

Discussion between Olivier Assayas and Stéphane Corréard

L.A 82

Discussion between Joan Fontcuberta and Vicenç Altaio

FILAF 2019

Léopold and Till Rabus about their painting

Jacqueline Caux and Matthieu Conquet

Discussion between Yannick Haenel and Arnaud Labelle Rojoux

FILAF 2018

Discussion between Bruno Monsaingeon and Nicolas Godin

Discussion between Michel Auder and Éric Mangion

FILAF 2017

Discussion between Jean-Yves Jouannais and Jean-Michel Alberola

Discussion about Annette Messager and Chiara Parisi

Discussion between Jean-Yves Jouannais and Éric Mangion about the work of Jean-Yves Jouannais

Nicolas Bourriaud looks back on his career with Stéphane Corréard

FILAF 2016

Discussion between Jean-Yves Jouannais and Jean-Michel Alberola

Discussion between Bertrand Lavier and Jean Hubert Martin

Discussion between Michel Houellebecq, Catherine Millet and Jacques Henric

Discussion between Matali Crasset and Julien Carreyn

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