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Support the FILAF!

Private organisation recognized for public utility, the FILAF festival is a French cultural institution organizing a festival, an artbook fair, and bring together a gallery/art bookstore in Perpignan and an annual program in France.

For now almost nine years, the FILAF festival is the only festival in the world that aims to celebrate art through books and films. Linking art, literature and cinema, the FILAF festival seeks through its abundant programming to inspire, and stimulate. In a city that is betting on Art and Culture, the FILAF festival has a role of engine, of reference, both locally and nationally. On one hand, it is an event that brings together the general public, while on the other hand also all professionals in the field. With the FILAF festival we (re)discover artists, women and men of culture, authors, directors, but also and especially what is hidden behind classical, avant-garde and sometimes even experimental artistic expressions.


Every year, the festival is a big celebration. You are more and more to participate, loyal to the yearly appointment.

All the FILAF projects require the active support of companies and individuals that wish to become involved in the life of the FILAF. Your support is essential to enable the festival to have a bright future and sustain its cultural projects for years to come.

 For that, the FILAF team thanks you!

* Each donation is tax-free 60%. FILAF team will send you a sponsorship certificate for this purpose after any financial participation.


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