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7th édition - 2017

International Art Book and Film Festival

© Arnaud Pyvka et Groupe ccc

Making Of - FILAF 2O17
Making off FILAF 2017

Making off FILAF 2017

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David Lynch

Works on Paper

Chapelle du Tiers Ordre, Perpignan

Summer 2017


David Lynch, best known for his movies and TV shows, thinks himself first as an artist, and especially a painter.

His engraved work was born from the meeting with the mythical workshops ITEM in Paris. Lynch produced a series of complex, dark, and mystical work, that reflect the image of his universe. His drawings had been exposed for the first time at the Fondation Cartier in 2007. During this exhibition, this is his engraved work that is highlighted through twenty-five recent lithographs. Abstract shapes, symbols, mysterious statements do build a narration where the worry mingles with irony.
David Lynch's exhibition is accompanied by an original text by Mark Alizart. 

Jean-Michel Alberola


Galerie du FILAF, Perpignan

Summer 2017


Whether it takes the shape of a painting, an engraving, or films, Jean-Michel Alberola's work is covered by literature and philosophy. We thus find the borrowing of texts by Benjamin, Marx, Kafka, or Stevenson. Through the exhibitions of his art books and several recent plays, neons, and engravings, the Scénarios exhibitions come back on the intimate relationship between the work and the text.