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Book registrations for the FILAF festival 2021


The books that were sent will be examined by the FILAF scientific committee selection.

This committee is composed of: 

- Samuel Hoppe, director of the Volume Library, Paris.

- Matthieu Conquet, producer at radio France Culture.

- Hélène Joubert, curator at Musée du Quai Branly.

- Stéphane Corréard, founder and director of the Parisian fair Galeristes.

- Alba Zamolo, director of Youth Library of Le Musée du Louvre, Paris.

- Guillaume Kientz, director of the Hispanic Society Museum, New York.

- Sébastien Gokalp, director of Musée de l’Histoire de l’Immigration, Paris.

- Jean-Michel Frodon, critic, historian and journalist.

Regarding the books in competition, a jury that is renewed annually will deliberate during the festival. The winners will be announced in June 2022: one prize per category, plus the Golden FILAF, Silver FILAF, and the Special Jury Prize. 

As far as possible, the FILAF festival will help to invite the author of each book in competition to present his work to the public during the festival.


An out-of-competition program completes the selection with readings, signatures, and public discussions that the festival is particularly keen to highlight. For the out-of-competition category, there is no conditions for the year of publication.




You can send a press copy of your book to the following address :



4 place Grétry

66000 Perpignan




Each book must be accompanied by the following information:

- the exact title and the author's name

- bibliography/biography of the author

- prices received

- synopsis (100 words maximum)

- date of publication

- contact details of the publisher and author


Deadline for the reception of the books: March 15th, 2022


1 / Books about the visual arts or other fields having a strong link with the visual arts: books about an artist, a period, an artistic movement, etc. Exhibition catalogs and monographs are taken into consideration.

2 / Books published after March 2019.


3 / No translation or reprint.


4 / Publication in French or English only.


1 / Originality of the subject

2 / Seriousness and relevance on the treatment of the content

3 / Aesthetic qualities: print, layout, choice of paper, etc.


4 / Capacity to popularize


There is no registration fee to submit a book.


All the books received become the property of the Cogito organization which organizes the FILAF festival and will be kept as archives of each edition. No books will be returned.


If a book is held in competition, four additional hard copies will have to be provided to the jury for review.


If a publication is not selected for the competition, the FILAF festival reserves the right to propose to the author to include it in the out-of-competition supplementary programming.

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